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قام 30 شخص بالتقدم الى الوظيفة

إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي لقد إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي و هو غير مفتوح حاليا لأي طلبات عمل.


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تاريخ إنشاء الإعلان: 2016/06/26 08:23:58
الرقم المرجعي JB1001849166

Wellness One Day Surgery Center

Wellness One Day Surgery Center

الوصف الوظيفي

Job Purpose:

The anesthesia specialist will assist the planning and organization of anesthesia service and quality assurance. Also, monitors the quality assurance of the anesthesia services in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team will deliver treatment with an emphasis on assessment, education, prevention, maintenance, and restoration of health in a supportive and culturally sensitive manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

i. 1. The Anesthesia specialist should act in the best interest of the patient at all times and secondarily in the best interest of the hospital and professional staff.
2. The Anesthesia specialist will adhere to the bylaws for the Hospital, Patient care includes the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers necessary to care for the patient.
3. Participate in the screening of patient's in the preoperative anesthesia clinic.
4. Order the appropriate investigations for his condition and age.
5. Prescribe the appropriate premeditation.
6. Follow up the patient that was sent to other specialties for evaluation and optimization before surgery.
7. Participates in the management of patients in the hospital .The level of participation will be determined by the chairman.
8. Administers general, regional and local anesthesia under the general supervision and direction of one the anesthesia consultant. Determine medication to be used, considering factors such as patient condition and operation to be performed.
9. The anesthesia specialist will be responsible his medical/surgical practice.
10. Write a detailed documentation of all the medications and events during the operation
11. Refer the patient to the recovery room, according to the patients’ condition and needs.
12. Sign the document to transfer the patient from the recovery room after a proper evaluation of the patient condition.
13. Give the appropriate medication for pain relief during the operation and in the immediate postoperative period.
14. Sign the narcotic and controlled medication sheet.
15. Participate in the postoperative pain management and PCA.
16. Participate in the MAC sedation service given in the endoscopy room.
17. Participate in the 24h anesthesia emergency coverage.
18. Participate in the code blue and patient resuscitation.
19. Participate in the monthly departmental meeting.
20. Participate in the department and hospital continuous medical educational program.
21. Participate in the QA/QI program.
22. Perform other activities as needed.


Qualifications and Experience

Licensed qualified physician who has successfully completed an anesthesiology program approved by the HAAD for healthcare specialties or equivalent.
American Board or FRCA or Arab Board or equivalent.

2. Required Experience:
Not Less Than 2 years’ work experience in active anaesthesia Department

3. Licensure:
Valid current HAAD license
Valid current license from the country of origin

4. Other Requirements:
Basic Life Support (BLS) Training
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • منطقة الوظيفة: أبوظبي, الإمارات
  • قطاع الشركة: صحة عامة/ممارس/فني
  • المتطلبات : صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
  • الدور الوظيفي: الطب
  • الحالة الوظيفية: دوام كامل
  • نوع التوظيف: دوام كامل
  • يتطلب إدارة موظفين آخرين: نعم
  • عدد الوظائف الشاغرة: 1

المرشح المفضل

  • المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة