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تاريخ الإعلان عنها: Jan 17, 2019
الرقم المرجعي JB1001853138
مشاركة   تغريد

S2 Operation and Maintenance Company W.L.L

Field Operator
S2 Operation and Maintenance Company W.L.L

الوصف الوظيفي

Job Purpose:

Reporting to the Senior Field Operator, Control Room Operators, the Shift Charge Engineer and ultimately to the Operations Manager the Field Operator will be responsible for plant operations within the Operations Shift Team to ensure the plant meets the required availability, reliability, efficiency, generation and cost targets, safely and within strict environmental limits. This will include regular equipment start-ups, shutdowns, changeovers and regular operation / monitoring, as well as responding to alarms and emergency conditions. The role will require a detailed understanding and practical experience of the technologies associated to operating a modern Gas Turbine plant, Desalination plant and a wide range of auxiliary equipment.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Safe and efficient delivery of high levels of commercial availability within environment limits
2. Effective liaison with rest of the shift and SCE over plant operational issues
3. Effective liaison with maintenance departments and personnel to ensure that faults are identified and fixed safely, quickly and correctly, and that equipment is appropriately tested before being put back into service
4. Make decisions, or assist others to make decisions, to resolve plant operational problems with immediate, medium and long term consequences
5. Be an active part of the shift and help it to meet appropriate people and plant related performance measures
6. Ensure Company Health, Safety, and Environmental policies and procedures are implemented and carried out.
7. Participate in internal / external Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental audits and monitor relevant findings
8. Help ensure that all procedures, documentation, drawings and manuals are kept up to date and necessary training is completed in a timely manner
9. Participate in suitable training programs, both for individual development and operational competence, and help to develop knowledge and experience in colleagues.
10. Ability to supervise some contractor activities and ensure that plant safety rules are followed at all times
11. Continues improvement in the process of work.
12. Any other tasks that may be required.


Core Competencies
1. Thorough understanding of modern CCGT plant and desalination process operating practice.
2. Good foundation and practical knowledge of power plant operations and desalinated water plant, preferably including electrical systems.
3. Power plant engineering concepts
4. Operation of equipment in the field and local panels
5. Ability and experience of recognising fault conditions in field equipment e.g. by temperature, smell, vibration, colour changes, noises, etc
6. Ability to operate the plant efficiently within a varying range of load conditions
7. Ability to coordinate with control room operators
8. Ability to give accurate feedback to maintenance personnel on equipment problems
9. Ability to control incidents in a range of situations
10. Strong understanding of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems and safety rules.
11. Good command of the English language
12. Computer literacy
13. Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
14. Ability to recognise safety issues and hazards to personnel, and to act on own initiative in preventing incidents
15. Ability to work calmly in emergency situations and to recognise and attend to critical tasks
16. Ability to work with multi cultural and multi - disciplinary staff
17. Seek, organise and exchange information for decision making and problem solving
18. Ability to create a climate of open communication on personal and professional issues
19. Ability to work autonomously, prioritising tasks and activities in line with business objectives
20. Quality and environmental awareness and according to quality standards and procedures
21. Innovation, vision, creativity, taking initiative, problem solving and decision making
22. Ability to build effective relationships with superiors and colleagues

الخلفية التعليمية

Any discipline in engineering

تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • منطقة الوظيفة: الظفرة, الإمارات
  • قطاع الشركة: الخدمات
  • المتطلبات : صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
  • الدور الوظيفي: الهندسة
  • يتطلب إدارة موظفين آخرين: لا
  • عدد الوظائف الشاغرة: 1

المرشح المفضل

  • المستوى المهني: مبتدئ الخبرة
  • عدد سنوات الخبرة : الحد الأدنى: 5
  • الجنس: ذكر
  • الشهادة: بكالوريوس

وصف الشركة

S2 Operation and Maintenance is a private company which is owned by Engie, Marubeni and Osaka Gas. S2 O&M is responsible of operating and maintaining the Shuweihat S2 Power and Desalination plant, the eighth Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) and latest addition to the Abu Dhabi power and water network. The Shuweihat S2 plant is a Greenfield development project which was constructed at a cost of $2.9 billion, making it one of the largest power and water infrastructure projects in Middle East. It has a generating capacity of 1507 Megawatts (MW) of electricity and 100 Million Imperial Gallons a Day (MIGD) of desalinated water.

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