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قام 755 شخص بالتقدم الى الوظيفة

إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي لقد إنتهت صلاحية هذا الإعلان الوظيفي و هو غير مفتوح حاليا لأي طلبات عمل.


ترجم إلى العربية

تاريخ إنشاء الإعلان: 2014/05/01 08:18:50
الرقم المرجعي JB1001843312


S/S Maintenance Technician

الوصف الوظيفي

The role of the Technician S/s Operations & Maintenance is to assist in operating and handling alarms and troubleshooting of operational problems at the substation and to repair and maintain all equipment at the substation under the guidance of the Engineer S/s Operations & Maintenance to ensure the uninterrupted, safe and cost effective supply of power through the network.

2. Work Achieved

The principal responsibilities of the S/s Operations & Maintenance Technician are to:

• Attend to substation alarms, acknowledge, diagnose and troubleshoot, reset alarm and inform control centre.
• Identify and troubleshoot faults on all substation equipment.
• Carry out maintenance of all equipment related to substation under the guidance of the Engineer S/s Operations & Maintenance.
• Record details of alarm/relay operations signals/ indications during faults and report to Sr. Engineer S/s Operations & Maintenance and LDC.
• Ensure equipment checklist for maintenance is followed.
• Monitor all equipment at substations, conduct tests as per instructions of Engineer S/s Operations & Maintenance.
• Repair both low voltage and high voltage equipment.
• Ensure cleaning and painting of all Transformers / Shunt Reactors and Switchgears.
• Ensure proper upkeep of all tools and equipment in the Operations & Maintenance Section Al Ain.
• Maintain inventory of spares and tools.
• Record equipment loads, temperatures, oil and gas pressure readings at the substation.
• Prepare preliminary technical reports related to substation equipment.
• Act as a Competent Person / Authorise Person for the operation and maintenance of equipment in compliance with TRANSCO System Safety Rules.
• Computer and English literate.


Successful performance in this job can be measured through the following indices:

• Ability to carry out duties independently.
• Timely troubleshooting of breakdowns.
• Fault detection and rectification capability.
• Ability to resolve simple technical problems at substations.
• Quality of work.
• Immediate information regarding breakdown / Fault
• Timely reporting of breakdown and performance.

الخلفية التعليمية

College diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

تفاصيل الوظيفة

  • منطقة الوظيفة: أبوظبي, الإمارات
  • قطاع الشركة: هندسة
  • المتطلبات : صاحب عمل (القطاع العام)
  • الدور الوظيفي: الهندسة
  • الحالة الوظيفية: دوام كامل
  • نوع التوظيف: دوام كامل
  • الراتب الشهري: AED 11,017 - 14,689
  • يتطلب إدارة موظفين آخرين: لا
  • عدد الوظائف الشاغرة: 5

المرشح المفضل

  • المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة
  • عدد سنوات الخبرة : الحد الأدنى: 3 الحد الأقصى: 6
  • منطقة الإقامة: استراليا; كندا; بريطانيا العظمى; أيرلندا; نيو زيلندا; المملكة المتحدة; الولايات المتحدة
  • الجنس: ذكر
  • الجنسية: استراليا; كندا; بريطانيا العظمى; أيرلندا; نيو زيلندا; المملكة المتحدة; الولايات المتحدة
  • الشهادة: دبلوم

وصف الشركة

TRANSCO, the Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company is a wholly government owned part of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA). TRANSCO’s core business is the planning, construction and operation of a safe, reliable and efficient water and electricity transmission network within Abu Dhabi and, where required, the UAE.

TRANSCO’s income is received from the distribution companies via a combination of charges made for use of the system itself and connection charges and are agreed and approved by the sector Regulator on an annual basis. These charges reflect the total power and water delivered over the course of the year, the peak power and water supplied at the time of greatest demand and the value of assets built for each customer.

TRANSCO has taken a leading role in supporting the development of the ADNOC group companies, ADCO and GASCO, and other significant new industries in Abu Dhabi such as aluminium and steel by significantly expanding its supplies to meet forecast demand from these consumers. This service not only provides the oil industry with a secure reliable and economic energy supply but benefits the industrial sector and national economy as a whole.

The scope for TRANSCO’s business has recently expanded to include the planning, development and operation of water and electricity transmission assets in the northern Emirates. TRANSCO also contributes to the operation of the Emirates National Grid which we expect to develop significantly over the next 3 - 5 years. On the regional stage we are participating in the development of the wider GCC transmission grid which will allow the trading and transmission of power across a number of countries.